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High Value Care balances the potential benefits against the potential harms and cost of tests and treatments, along with patient preferences. The McLaren High Value Care Program provides the guidance and tools that enable front line clinicians to provide the best possible care to their patients while reducing unnecessary costs.

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High Value Care?

Clinical Practice Update:

Thrombophilia Testing

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HVC Program News

Summer 2019 HVC Newsletter

August 2, 2019- The Summer 2019 edition of the High Value Care Newsletter has been released! This edition's topics include:

      • High Value Care Summit Presentation Recap: Presentation highlights from the first annual McLaren HVC Summit
      • Summit Poster Presentations: Feature of all posters from the summit, also available at this link
      • Subsidiary Spotlight: Lapeer Region: A profile on the early strides made in Lapeer's HVC program

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First Annual McLaren HVC Summit

April 17, 2019- McLaren has hosted its first annual High Value Care Summit at corporate headquarters in Grand Blanc, MI. Approximately 75 attendees representing every subsidiary spent the morning learning about the current and future states of McLaren's High Value Care program, value-based purchasing from the perspective of the Michigan Hospital Medicine Safety Collaborative, and imaging wisely. Additionally, staff and residents from all subsidiaries submitted a total of fourteen HVC-related posters which were presented throughout the morning. They can be found on this page.

Inpatient Thrombophilia Test Restrictions Toolkit Released

March 25, 2019- The HVC Steering Committee recently approved evidence-based restrictions on inpatient thrombophilia testing that are consistent with Choosing Wisely recommendations. Click here to access the educational toolkit supporting these recommendations as well as a downloadable infographic.

Announcing the McLaren High Value Care Newsletter

March 12, 2019- The McLaren High Value Care program leadership is proud to announce the inaugural edition of the HVC newsletter. This edition's topics include:

      • Committing to High Value Care: An overview of High Value Care and how it applies to McLaren's mission, "Doing What's Best"
      • Repeat Lab Testing: How Much Is Too Much? The first project of the HVC program, a review of appropriate frequencies for lab tests and how overuse can be addressed
      • MHC Annual HVC Summit: The first annual High Value Care Summit to be held in Grand Blanc, MI on April 17th, 2019

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Clinical Practice Update: Asymptomatic Bacteriuria

January 7, 2019- The McLaren HVC Steering Committee has approved an evidence-based algorithm to reduce the overdiagnosis and overtreatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria (ASB). Urinary tract infections are among the top three diagnostic categories driving antibiotic use in the United States, and the estimated rate of overtreatment of ASB is 30- 60%. The harms of unnecessary antimicrobial use are well documented and include antibiotic-associated diarrhea, resistance of microorganisms, adverse drug reactions, and increased health care costs.The recommendations being implemented are consistent with those of the Michigan Hospital Safety Medicine Consortium and were reviewed by McLaren physician leaders at multiple levels: Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Working Group, Subsidiary HVC Teams, and the HVC Steering Committee. For detailed information on this Clinical Practice Change as well as a downloadable infographic click here.

First Annual High Value Care Summit

December 1, 2018- The first annual McLaren High Value Care Summit has been scheduled for April 17th, 2019 at McLaren Corporate Headquarters. Hospital leadership and High Value Care team members are encouraged to attend. All employees, Graduate Medical Education students, residents, and fellows are invited to submit abstracts for posters by March 1, 2019. Participants will be selected and notified by March 15th, 2019. Click here to download the poster abstract guidelines and click here to download the submission form.

'Pause the Draws' Awareness Campaign Kicks Off

October 2, 2018- 'Pause the Draws' is the first of many campaigns to promote awareness among clinical staff, employees and patients about ongoing High Value Care initiatives across McLaren Health Care. Repetitive lab testing on inpatients is common and can have a variety of negative consequences, and is a target of a number of Choosing Wisely lists. For hospitalized patients, targeting high volume repetitive daily tests is a logical, evidence based and patient-centered intervention that can have a significant impact. Click here to learn more and to access toolkit resources.

McLaren Fall Leadership Conference- High Value Care Breakout Session

September 25, 2018- Dr. Tim Hannon and Chandan Gupte had the opportunity to present two breakout sessions at the annual McLaren Fall Leadership Conference held at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mt. Pleasant, MI. More than 150 attendees from across the System were introduced to McLaren's High Value Care program through the premier of Dr. Michael McKenna's program overview video. This was followed by a discussion of the need for High Value Care, elements of the HVC program, and a walkthrough of the McLaren HVC website. Attendees are invited to fill out a short followup survey, click here to reach it.

First Annual Blood Management Workshop

September 19, 2018- The first annual Blood Management Workshop was a success! Held at McLaren Corporate in Grand Blanc, approximately 20 attendees with representation from every Subsidiary spent the day learning about transfusion best practices and blood management program implementation. Topics presented included anemia management, role of the Transfusion Safety Officer, and transfusion reaction recognition and response. Attendees are invited to fill out a short followup survey, click here to reach it.

New Choosing Wisely Recommendations for Blood Management

July 25, 2018- The Society for the Advancement of Blood Management has released a Choosing Wisely list with five recommendations to augment the existing 17 recommendations related to blood transfusion. The recommendations include preoperative anemia management, preventing iatrogenic anemia from excessive lab testing, avoiding plasma transfusion in the absence of active bleeding, encouraging the use of antifibrinolytics in surgical patients, and making transfusion alternatives a part of informed consent. Click here for a copy of the list.

Task Force Recommends Restrictions on 67 Lab Tests

June 20, 2018- Restrictions on the frequency of ordering will be placed on 67 lab tests based on best practices and with with the input and review of McLaren physician leaders at multiple levels: Repetitive Testing Task Force, HVC Steering Committee, and Subsidiary HVC Teams. For a full list of lab tests and restrictions click here. For a sharable Infographic click here. For more information, support tools and contact info click here.

Blood Management Workshop Scheduled September 19

June 7, 2018- A Blood Management Workshop has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 19th at McLaren Corporate Headquarters. Blood management champions (physician, nursing, lab) from all Subsidiaries are strongly encouraged to attend.

hc1 Lab Test Utilization Reports Go Live

June 1, 2018- Data feeds for lab testing are live and initial super user report training has been accomplished. In addition, a HVC User Group is being established and will have virtual meetings each month. For more information click here.