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HVPAA 2019

The following poster was presented at the High Value Practice Academic Alliance National Conference from November 15th-17th, 2019.

McLaren HVPAA Abstract Poster_FINAL.pdf

High Value Care Research Projects

The following posters were presented at the first annual McLaren High Value Care Summit on April 17th, 2019.

Repeat Normal Testing

Test of Change_Lansing_br.pdf

Repetitive Testing

Test of Change_Central_br.pdf

Repetitive Testing

Test of Change_Flint_br.pdf

C-diff Infection Testing Among Hospitalized Patients

GME_C.Diff Poster.pdf

High Value Care Dashboard

Test of Change_Karmanos_br.pdf

Repetitive Testing (TSH, Lipid Panel, Hba1c)

Test of Change_Bay_br.pdf

Improved Testing for Cardiac Patients

Test of Change_Port Huron_br.pdf

Percent of Single Unit Red Blood Cell Transfusions

Test of Change_Port Huron_blood_br.pdf

Assessment of the Efficacy of HVC Recommended Intervals in Cerner "Like-To-Like" Duplicate Order Checking

Test of Change_Northern_br.pdf

Optimizing the Use of Immuno-histochemical Stains in Gastric Biopsy Specimens

Test of Change_MML_br.pdf

Repetitive Lab Testing: Limitations of Order Frequency

Test of Change_Macomb_br.pdf

Reduction of Lab Tests Per Patient Day

Test of Change_Lapeer_br.pdf

High Value Care Initiative to Bridge the Health Literacy Gap

GME_Dr. Ahmad High Value 2019.pdf

Improving Transition of Care by Increasing Post-Hospital Discharge Follow-Up Rates


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